Many families face the daunting task of balancing cost, comfort, and quality when choosing an assisted living facility. Havelock Manor, an Assisted Living Facility located in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska, stands out as a beacon of hope. We offer an innovative approach to long-term care that promises privacy, dignity, and affordability.

A Private Retreat in Challenging Times

Unlike other facilities where residents may have to share rooms, Havelock Manor ensures each resident receives a private room and bathroom. This commitment to privacy enhances comfort and fosters a sense of dignity during the most vulnerable times. As our Director at Havelock Manor explains, “Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our residents. We believe everyone deserves their own space, especially when facing the challenges of long-term care.”

Affordable Quality Care

The cost of long-term care can be prohibitive, but Havelock Manor is more affordable and does not compromise quality.

Unmatched Personalization and Comfort

Residents and their families have begun noticing the difference. One family member shared, “My mother felt at home immediately. The private room and personal bathroom might seem like small details, but they greatly affect her comfort and happiness.”

A Nurturing Community

Located in the historic Havelock area, Havelock Manor is not just a place to live; it’s a community. The facility is conveniently close to essential amenities like movie theaters, banks, and grocery stores, which enrich residents’ lives by keeping them connected to the community. Furthermore, our staff and their dedication to providing personalized and compassionate care allows residents to feel truly at home.

Setting a New Standard

Havelock Manor’s approach to long-term care sets a new standard in the field. Our humane approach and dedication to privacy and affordability are commendable and necessary, providing a model by which other facilities might well be inspired.

For families in Lincoln looking for a supportive, comfortable, and affordable long-term care option, Havelock Manor offers a superior choice. To learn more about our long-term care services or to schedule a visit, contact us at or call (402) 464-2222. Further details are available throughout our website, ensuring your loved ones receive the care they need in a place that feels like home.

Choosing a suitable facility for long-term care is crucial, and Havelock Manor’s amenities highlight its commitment to making this difficult time as comfortable as possible. For those in Lincoln, Nebraska, Havelock Manor is not just a choice but a partner in ensuring the dignity and comfort of your loved ones.